ARSA Shariah Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. (ARSA SHARIAH), established with the primary objective of providing consultancy, advisory services and of spearheading and conducting applied Shariah research in the field of Islamic Finance which, at the moment, is strictly confined to takaful, banking and capital market. In addition to that, ARSA SHARIAH does also spearhead the enrichment and dissemination of Shariah knowledge through organizing lectures and seminars and other programs on, and/or related to, Fiqh Muamalah with a special focus in the area of Islamic Finance.

The Shariah Consultants of ARSA SHARIAH are amongst those who have been actively involved in the Islamic Finance industry for many years and are competent in advising on the structuring of shariah-compatible products and instruments including sukuk and unit trust to be used in the industry. Amongst the innovative products that are the world-first of which they were involved in are the first Islamic Municipal Bond and the first Islamic Real Estate Investment Trust.

They are competent professionals who are innovative, capable and efficient in advising shariah-compliant products and instruments with value-added financial solutions in the Islamic Finance industry which includes takaful, banking and capital market. They are expert in the Shariah compliance audit requirements including issues and challenges in conducting the Shariah Audit.