Our Strengths

Our Banking and Conveyancing Practice is notable in its size and scope, has served a multitude of diverse clientele, representing financial institutions including commercial, merchant and investment banks and also borrowers, lessees, real property vendors and purchasers in a broad range of commercial financing and real property transactions.

Our team of lawyers provide services for the vast spectrum of banking and conveyancing transactions based on their broad experience and versatility. We provide legal counsel and services that ensure that your rights are protected in any banking and conveyancing transaction.

Also with the invaluable input from the senior partners and the years of experience and exposure from various transactions, our lawyers are capable of providing solutions to any number of problems and ensure quality and speedy work.

Banking and Conveyancing Practice Services

Banking and Conveyancing Practice helps your organization evolve in a managed way to meet the legal and regulatory challenges through our services in the following areas:

•Financial instruments and equity financing
•Corporate and retail banking
•Islamic banking & instruments
•Project finance
•Ship Finance
•Bond Issues
•Letter of credit, guarantee, charges, pledges, debentures
•Real Property conveyancing transactions
•All aspects of credit enhancement and security

Why Our Banking And Conveyancing Practice Is Suited To The Task

Drawing from their experience and expertise, our dynamic team of lawyers strives to provide quality work and ensure your rights are fully protected in all forms of banking and conveyancing transactions. We understand your need for work to be done expeditiously and without any foreseeable setbacks and therefore our goal has always been to provide quality service in a cost effective manner and provide practical solutions to mitigate and minimize your legal risks in any transaction.

Our transactional strengths and practical experience speak for itself. We can provide more detailed information of our strengths and experience upon request.